Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It has been super crazy!!!

Please excuse the not so awesome mirror taking picture...still learning =)

jean jacket:Gap

So I know it has been exactly one month since I last posted....sorry. It has been super crazy around here. I have gotten dressed and have put together some cute outfits the past month BUT no pictures! I am terrible! I am turning over a new leaf...I realized how great doing this daily outfit post is for me. So I am going to post my outfit of the day EVERYday. Some days may not be worth posting but that is what this blog is for.
So back to the crazy month. I have been planning a birthday party for my husbands grandmother she turned 70 and she rocked it!! I swear this lady is defying the age limit! She looks UH-MAY-ZING for just turning 70 and she does not act 70!! Super fun party! Then the next wk was my husbands birthday big 28!!  BUT then the next day the very next day after his birthday he had an outpatient surgery which we just went back for a followup yesterday he had some stitches removed next wk he will get the rest taken out. So today I am making him a cake since he was not allowed to eat anyhting solid for 5 days. I was not about to make a cake that would just be sitting there for me to pick at all by myself.
Today I am going to try to put my house back in order and get a few errands ran. Little man started running a fever last night but seems to be doing okay I think he is teething....yay =(
Hope everyone has a blessed Wednesday!!!! Oh and I am learning to take pictures myself that is one reason I have not gotten any posted hubby has been super busy. So hope they turn out okay.

Update today was exhausting! Landry (little man) got sick so we spent the afternoon at the dr....he is sleeping and seems to be better! Praying tomorrow is better!

God Is Awesome!!! God is Good!!! Praise Him!!

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