Thursday, October 25, 2012

it has been a while

When I first started this blog it consisted mainly of my daily outfits this mom needed help getting out of her yoga pants! I will still post outfits I will be linking up more but I need to get more out of this little blog. I want you all to know more about me and my family and what we do!!
This summer was a blast busy but fun! My wonderful Mr yes the cutie in the photo with started traveling with his bird dog to jumping contests and she won most of them! Little man and I went to some but most we stayed home it was just to darn hot!
No that summer is finally over we are in full swing of the football season! GO COLTS! BOOMER SOONER!  The hubby has taen on a part time job officiating HS and JH football games then little league games on Saturday mornings he is a busy man! I have started working at a little boutique here in town just a few days a week I get to bring Landry with me so that rocks!
Okay now that I have hopefully caught you up to date on a few things here are a few pictures from the last few months.
yes this happened =) i had just got through cleaning it thank goodness!
I told him lets send Grammie a kiss!
Rumble the Bison from the OKC Thunder!
The last picture was taken last wkend when me and a girlfriend took our annual girls wkend and went to the Mistletoe Market in OKC. Have you ever been so fun! They started serving "mommy drinks" as I like to call them sooo alcohol and shopping bad for the ck book! Here is a picture of me and the bestie eating at our favorite place In The Raw delicious!
Tonight we are taking Landry trick or treating in the town where my mother in law lives they always do theirs the Thursday before Halloween. I will for sure get some cute pictures of my little monkey!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

The reason I get to celebrate Mother's Day!

I guess the hints worked =)

We all woke up very early this morning I had my coffee and the boys ate their oatmeal! We all snuggled for a bit on the couch before getting ready for church! I have to say it was a pretty awesome day! When we got home I fixed a BIG lunch so I didnt have to make supper.....hehehehe then Landry and I took about a 2 hour nap while Daddy worked with his hunting dog. I did go over to my moms tonight about 1.5hrs away we enjoyed a diet coke and a little convo! I still cant believe this is my second Mother's Day that I got to celebrate! I do hope all of you wonderful mommies out there had a special day all your own! 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

crazy month!

Well things have been in full spring swing mode here including allergies! Baby boy has seemed to have some kind of sickness for the past month all becuase of allergies....your welcome baby boy from moommy and daddy! He is finishing up his last bit of antibiotics which tear.him.up...on both ends! Poor guy!
We did celebrate a very special birthday this past month my baby boy turned one!! Crazy that a year ago we were not even ready and still thought we had 5 weeks left but little man decided to come early which caused us to stay a we in the NICU but he is healthy and all boy! This is one year ago! Crazy how time flys by!

These were all the wk of April 8th! I never left the hospital that week he was in NICU I  just couldnt bring myself to do it. My poor husband did have to go back home for one day to work he had already scheduled sveral MRI's and canceled quite a few so he went in at 4 a.m. but was back with us that following evening. Hardest night of my life! I knew Landon was my rock but when I fell to my knees crying in the elevator...yes there were others there...i realized just how much he ment to me! Being in the hospital with Landry for a wk i realized our condition was nothing compared to some of those babies that had already been there for over 120 days! There were some days i didnt see one visitor come to see those babies other than the nurses. I did find out later that some parents leave and never come How can a parent do that leave their child? I say this but my biological dad left me and my brother and never came back BUT it was for the best! My mom married a wonderful man that raised us as his own we even took his last name. Okay totally veering off the subject. Here are a few picts from the crazy birthday party!

the cutest shirt that i had  thechocolatezebra make for me!
it says birthday boy on the front! they did an awesome job!

 This is me just noticing all the 200 balls his sitter got him with a pool to dump them....perfect idea! the only ballpit he will ever be in

 his first fire truck

 he totally demolished this cake!

 the ball pit!
we were all so tired! landry did not put on a happy face he was done!

Well I have tons more picts and more exciting things has happend but little one is down for a nap right and I am thinking i might have to try one for myself!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I am back for good!!!!

YAY! I am back thanks to my wonderful hubby! I get so frustrated with technical stuff after the first try I just give up! Anyways he got me all set up on my new phone and computer so hopefully I will be able to post more now!
So this past wkend the hubs and I went out of town with another couple we had so much fun!! I have a few pictures to share from the wkend and an outfit post! Just one but promise to get more up this wk! The little man is growing like crazy I am trying to get everything ready for his BIG #! party in 2 wks! I still cant believe he is already one! CRAZY!! Amazing how fast this year has gone!!
Like I said here are a few picts:

The "Bestie" and I


Yes we like to sit INSIDE the racecar track while watching our Dinosaur Train =)

Crazy hair man after the bath!! Love him!
Just relaxing on a rainy morning watching some Dinosaur Train...we love Dinosaur Train...ALL ABOARD!

Not much has happened since the last post other than the weather has decided to go from negative 10 to a balmy 80 high!!! Crazy! But super glad to be able to wear some maxi dresses and sandals! Speaking of new dresses me and the bestie went shopping got some extra cute dresses at Target! That place is my weakness! The hubby knows not to ask what my total was when I leave there =) Well I hope you all are happy I am back because I am!!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pinterest inspired!

black jeggings~Old these jeans!

Not sure if I have been missed but if so I am okay! Been super crazy here in this house! Landon the hubby has been on the go nonstop since the new year and so have the little one and I. Landon just got back from skiing....guys trip Landry and I went to the inlaws to stay the wk. We loved every minute of it! Got lots of help from GiGi, Gpa, and Aunt Tomi. While there we celebrated my FIL 50th birthday party and watched Aunt Tomi play some bball!

Happy 50th Gpa we love you!!!

Aunt Tomi #41 heck of a ball player!!! Landry loves to watch basketball!!!

So did everyone have a good Valentines Day? I sure did! Went out with the hubbuy ofcourse then went out with some of our wonderful friends to Texas Roadhouse for some yummy steaks! These friends have been so great to us since we have moved they have just taken us in like family! I can honestly say they are like family here where we have no family. One of the couples that we we go out with on a regular basis has got an absolute wonderful daughter who watches my precious angel! It was real hard for me at first to let someone other than a relative watch him but he loves her and I know she love him!! Here is a picture of the 2 at out Superbowl party!

She is God sent!! Love her!
Anyways today was a super busy day! Took the puppy Lola to the groomers she still goes to the one in the town we used to live in she is kinda scitish dont want to mess her routine up. Had lunch with the pharmacist I worked under MISS HER SOOOOOOOOOO INCREDIBLY BAD! Dont get me wrong love my new job of mommyhood but this woman is amazing a true *GEM* I tell ya! Then went to visit the great grands then onto my parents 1.5 hrs away looong day for all three of us....daddy stayed and worked! I am so thankful for him! I always question myself if I let him know how much i appreciate him allowing me to stay home with our Angel!
Well I am off to bed! I hope everyone has a good Friday and I will hopefully be posting more! Just so hard at times with a teething baby, new house, and new town and just well I am exhausted!


Monday, January 2, 2012


Me and my wonderful friend Kayla!

This just like always we went to my husbands Dad's house for New Years/Christmas. We always wait until after the hustle and bustle so we can spend time with them and some good friend that live there. We are almost 3.5 hrs aways =( Makes me really sad I LOVE spending time with this girls and her family plus always love spending time with Landon's dad and stepmom they are some awesome people! I am truely blessed.
Anyways Landon and I went out New years with the couple that we always go see when we are up there Matt and Kayla! They have 3 girls that are absolutely beautiful! We all became even closer this year when my son and her last daughter were born 2 hrs apart on the same day! They love each other even if they dont know it yet! =) So here are a few pictures from our night! We went out to this awesome restaurant in the neighboring town then all went back to Matt and Kayla's house. Needless to say we all fell asleep woke up just in time celebrated then me and the hubs were home at 12:30a.m.

Me and the hubs!!!

My wonderful friend Kayla and her hubby Matt

Gettin a little crazy =)


Caught you guys!!!

Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful New Years! The babe ended up getting a little bit of a cough but nothing to serious! He is doing much better! Tomorrow is the start of our first 2012 wk! Cannot wait! OH! We also got everything signed,bought,and sold on both houses! So we have officially sold our other and bought our new one! YAY!!! Also has anyone tried the new Nestle Dolce Gusto Coffee maker? The hubby got me one for Christmas...LOVE IT!!!!!! Cant wait for morning I bought some new flavours this wkend!!