Thursday, June 30, 2011

OOTD....Grand Day

Today was one of those GRAND days! Little man woke up around 5 a.m. right before the hubby left for the hospital I fed him put him back to bed and waited....and waited for him to wake up BUT he didnt! So I poured me a cup of coffee and enjoyed not one but two cups!! After drinking my coffee I checked on little man he was still asleep so I decided to take a shower by. MYself. no peeking out to sing I even let the conditioner set in my hair for a little longer than a few seconds!!! After my shower I was able to put lotion on, fix my hair the way I wanted no hurrying! AND I was able to actually put on all my makeup an get fully dressed take my picture and still have time to get Landry's clothes ironed. Then he woke up just in time! It was a marvelous morning! Amazing how I took the little things for granted when I was just pregnant! Anyways today Landry and I went to town our usual trip to the grocery store then we stopped off and seen some big boy cousins! He is gonna have so much fun with them next summer! YAY tomorrow is Friday! Long wkend for the hubby!


Monday, June 27, 2011

OOTD.....running errands

Today is stupid HOT!! Even hotter than yesterday if possible! So I dressed for that occasion. Landry and I had to go to the bank for Daddy, go to the Dr.'s Office and the grocery store. We are now home trying to cool off!!1 I am ready for some 80 degree weather this 111 in the shade is getting rediculous!!!

Dress:Old Navy

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Anniversary Party.....for the parents

Anniversary Party is over!!! My parents have been married for a wonderful 25 years and I thought it would be nice to throw them a party. AFTER just having my first born son.......... EARLY! AFTER adjusting to staying at home and well......... being a new mommy!!!!!!!  So I have been a little stressed to say the least!!! My poor hubby thank goodness he loves me! I did have an awesome dress for the occasion! When I seen Erin wearing this dress I KNEW I needed the dress for this day because I knew I needed something to take the stress off! What better than an easy breezy striped maxi dress!!! Love it!! I will be wearing it again.....soon....very soon!


Shirt:Old Navy


Baby Boom

So Friday night was picture night for me and my boy. You see we live in a very small town and it just so happened that there was around 15 of us that got pregnant this past year. There was a baby born from January 2011 to June 2011. Eleven of those babies were born in April!!! My Landry being the first!! So we got dressed up to go mingle!! Landry and I also went to visit Daddy at work earlier that day it was the first time his employees got to see our bundle of joy!! He was a big hit of-course!

bracelet:Mothers day Gift

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

Happy Fathers Day the day after!!! I have been MIA past few days I got sick after my last post so I did not feel the need to post my "sick day" outfit, but I am all better for now. The girls night that I mentioned last wk was cut short because I got sick. How can I get sick when I am home all the time, My hubby DOES work at a hospital so I blamed it on him that he brought something home and that my immune system is not what it used to be working at the pharmacy.
Soooo I hope all you ladies hubby's had a wonderful Fathers Day! This picture is what Landry got his Daddy. You see Daddy is a BIG and do mean BIG Indianapolis Colts fan so mommy found the autographed jersey and got it framed for Daddy. Daddy also played golf ALL DAY on Saturday with his Daddy! I think he was happy! Daddy that is! This picture was taken at the end of the day when Landry was already in bed and I realized I had not gotten a picture of my boys so I had to get him out of bed for a few minutes he was not a happy camper.
I hope to be back on track tomorrow!!!

Hubby's shirt: The other Fathers Day gift/Banana Republic

Landry's pjs:shower gitft

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Favorite colors

My 3 favorite colors all in one outfit!! Tonight me the hubby and little man went to a friends then out to eat. I did not want to cook after we left the friends so house so we decided to go to our favoritw little mexican place!
I really liked this outfit when I thought of it I know it is VERY basic but did you notice the necklace? The necklace is one of my favorites and I dont get to wear it very often because I think it is such a statement necklace it needs basic colors hince the black and white! I had a Silpada jewelry party just for this necklace. I also got lots of other pieces of jewelry but this one is by far my fav! Tomorrow is girls night for me. I am not sure how it will go I havent left Landry for long periods at a time he will be with his daddy but still it is gonna be hard. I am already having second thoughts. But I know when I finally get there I will be fine. I will make it home to put him in bed though. More on the tomorrow!

necklace:Silpada Jewelry
Earrings:Silpada Jewelry
Bracelet:Silpada Jewerly

Sunday, June 12, 2011

LOVE this cardi!!

Cardigan: a little boutique shop
shoes (which you cannot see):DSW

My hubby bought me this cardigan last summer! I love it! Reminds me of spring and is also one of my favorite colors GREEN! The embroidery on this sweater is impeccable! I have a hard time deciding what to pair this sweater with since I dont want anything to take away from the detail of the sweater so I thought this white maxi was the perfect choice that is another reason I kept the jewelry simple. Also please excuse the intruder in the pictures I had the hubby take 3 or 4 shots and she would not move from my side. So everyone meet Lola!
How was everyone's weekend? I have been super busy with the little one hince the no posting of the outfits. Thursday after my run it all started! He seemed to have a bit of some tummy issues. Friday was about the same. So those two days I did not feel the need to post my workout gear! Saturday the family and I the hubby and Landry all made a trip into the city. When I say a trip I mean a trip we live about 2.5 hrs aways from the "city" or what we call the city. I had to go to Hobby Lobby my parents are having their 25th wedding anniversary this month and I am trying to throw them somewhat of a little party. Landon/hubby had a golf club fitting...whatever that is so we got everything done Saturday. Even got to go into Target for a bit I was in heaven!! I love Target. I am actually waiting on a big order from them to come in the mail. I did not know we were going this wkend oh well! When we got home late last night I was so tired I forgot to take the picture of what I wore....even Landon said he liked it! I will wear it again!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

OOTD....going to town

The wind here in OK is HORRIBLE and it is again stupid HOT!! I hate it, the wind dont mind the heat just wish the wind would not blow EVERYDAY! I have needed to go get groceries for a while  but not wanted to get the baby out in this terrible wind. Today was the day I HAD to!! So todays outfit was comfy but fun!!! I bought 4 of these dresses from LOFT and love them all!! I tried to down play the ruffles a bit with the boyfriend cardigan. I sometimes think maybe these dresses make me look shorter than I am what do you think?  After going to the crazy grocery store Landry and I headed over to a friends house to visit her and her boys!!! They are so much fun! It was nice to get out for a little while even if the wind ticked me off by slamming the door on me while trying to load groceries!!!! Oh well we are both home and I am a little bruised up oh well nothing a glass of the red stuff wont help =)


Update I told you that I watched Dinner for Schmucks it was funny. I love Steve Carell! I cried at The Office when he made his last appearance!! I can't say it is something I would watch again but it was funny and i did laugh out loud!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Visiting Baby Claire

Today was not a very productive day but atleast I got dressed. The wind here is torture! I do not want to leave the house at all! But me and the boys did finally get out to visit a friend of mine and her sweet familt. A little background about them while I was pregnant the pharmacist (my friend)  that I worked under was also pregnant. We were due 5 days apart ofcourse my little boy made his appearance 5 weeks early and Claire came exactly 2 wks later. These 2 are gonna have a love hate relationship. Claire's mom is one of my closest friends she was amazing to me while I was preggo! Anyways we went to get pictures of our 2 kiddos. We do this about one a month just to see each other and see our kids. She has gone back to work already part time for now. So I had to put something descent on to go visit my wonderful friends! I am not impressed by this outfit what so ever. Right now these jeans are the only ones that will go over my baby hips. Plus after I stepped outside I realized that I was wearing way to many layers! It is already stupid HOT here!Hope everyone has a great Hump Day tomorrow!

Tissue Cardi: J. Crew

Stationery card

Modern Teal Frame Bridal Shower
Shutterfly has photo invitations for every occasion.
View the entire collection of cards.
Trying to get my parents wedding anniversary together!!!! What was I thinking!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Chambray Tunic

Bracelet:Maurices and there is a sentimental one around my wrist I wear everyday it was my first Mothers Day gift it is a name plate with my boys name on it (picture to follow soon)
leggings:New York and Company
Earrings:premier jewelry party

Today's outfit was based solely on comfort. I fell in love with this tunic online Target.Yes online I live 2.5 hrs away from the nearest Target. I am sure my mailman thinks I have stock in Target or something I receive atleast 1 to 2 packages a wk from Target. That place is my unwind place. I cant get enough. LOVE IT! So anyways I bought this tunic after seeing Erin wear hers with tights and new I had to have one like it. I also bought the white one.
Anyways Mondays are always the hardest for me to enjoy. The hubby goes back to work =( someone has to, right =). But it does mean it is getting closer to the wkend. Today was about running around! I had to go to the Post Office which is my least favorite place to go much less with an 9 wk old. So I dropped little Landry off with his Nana(Landons/hubbys grandmother coolest older lady EVER Nana owns her own business makes it much easier to leave him with her at her job than any of our parents which live out of town). I had just received Landry's newborn pictures in the mail on Saturday the CD was broken. He is already 2 months old and I have yet to send out baby announcements. Ofcourse we spent one wk in NICU when the little toot was born so things have been off to a rough start but this little snag just prolonged the process. I guess I can send them out with the invites to his first birthday =) So after the PO I remembered I was out of my favorite wine. Yes I do drink a glass at glass. I love this red wine a friend of mine from Florida introduced it to me. She lives on this little island that is absolutely paradise! I love going to visit her she has such a movie star life! Anyways so I went got my wine took it home to get it chilled then back to get little man. I was only gone for maybe 30 minutes and not to sound to selfish but it was nice. Really nice. I will be honest this mommy needs "her time". Even my husband knows that when I say I need time he will give it to me and not ask how "much" time.
The weather here is HOT very HOT. We go from winter to summer just like that no spring and usually no fall. I liked that the top was flowy enough that it did not cling to me (which helps with the baby hips I still have).Which brings me to another reason I am not a fan of Mondays I have mentioned I try to walk/run every morning. Well M-F because the wkends are to sleep in atleast until 7 a.m. I am still trying to get rid of the baby weight didnt gain much just enough that the jeans this winter will look yucky if I am still at this weight. Well I do not like to run or walk on the treadmill but because it is so HOT here I am afraid take little man out both of us will have heat strokes. So that means I do my exercising on a treadmill. Let me tell you one thing I am not one of those girls that workout because it is something they enjoy I hate it! But I know that it is a must if I want to keep eating and still wear the cute clothes. I did not run/walk this morning so it did make my day a little off. Oh well try again tomorrow. Well I had better go get Landry ready for a bath and bed hopefully tomorrow morning will be is closer to Saturday.

This is the yummy wine.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday...late for church

Although we were up with the sun I still seemed to be late this morning. In my defense I not only have to dress myself but my husband and son. Good thing they go with whatever I pick out! Church was great love our church family! Not much going on today my parents are coming over this evening to visit the boy. I have now accepted the fact that I am not maybe as important as I used to be in my parents lives....well maybe but not as cute. The husband and I are going on a strict diet this week. I have got to loose those thighs I gained during the pregnancy! Thank goodness for dresses! So we are gonna try grilled salmon with some veggies. I am an avid walker it just gets a little hard to get motivated in the morning after being up all night.
 First thing when I seen this photo was WHOA!! I need a major tan....spray tan that is. I will be completely honest I was the girl that would tan all year round I mean I had that straight from the Florida beach tan all year. I did not go a shade lighter in the winter. I was addicted! I started when I was around 15 and up until I was 25 I was in the bed or outside atleast 2 times a wk!! I started my job at a pharmacy and that is when I decided to give it up. One of the pharmacist I worked with she was just as bad as I was when she was my age. But after going to pharmacy school and seeing the pictures of skin cancer she stopped. She did have to show me pictures before I would actually listen and it did take me about a year but I can proudly say it will be 2 year this July since I have been in a tanning bed. I do still go to the lake and pool but now am wearing sunscreen. So again please excuse the stark white legs!!! I will try to get an appointment to get some color.

Earrings:Premier Jewelry

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Date Night.....sort of

Today was one of those days that all I wanted to do was get dressed up and go out with my boys. Yes that is right date night for me and the hubby consists still of little man going with us. At only 8 wks I am still not completely comfortable leaving him, even with  my parents or my hubby's. So we all got ready and loaded up! Let me tell you a little about the town we live in there is absolutely no eating places open on a Saturday night. So we make the short 12 mile trip to one of our favorite little mexican restaurants. I could make their chip and salsa a meal in itself! They also have some of the best mixed drinks.....yummy!!! So the outfit I wore tonight was a choice I made I wanted to be super comfortable and warm. Seems like during summer months here in the west everyone cranks the A/C so I always need a cardigan. My awesome mother in law is a manager of a clothing store so for every birthday, My "first" Mothers Day, even Valentines Day I get clothes! Don't be jealous =) Okay I am getting off topic I received this wonderful dress for Mothers Day one of the 2 dresses I received. Maxi dresses are a new staple in my wardrobe this year. Well tomorrow is the start of another busy wk. Hubby rented Dinner for Schmucks....anyone seen it? Reviews will come tomorrow! Have a good night!

Cardigan: Target
Shoes (cant seem them):Target

Baby blog is born

After months and months of following other blogs I decided it was in my best interest and a good way to keep my sanitity to start my own! I follow those that post OOTD picture they always grab my attention!