Monday, September 19, 2011

Church Sunday and a little prayer

Dress~Gap (years ago)
all jewelry~Silpada
watch~fossil (anniversary present)

  Okay ladies I am aware this is not the best picture I have posted! This was taken after church both boys were starving and the big one (hubby) was not into taking my picture when he felt like he was gonna pass out from hunger! Yes they love their food! About the little prayer please keep me and my little family in yours tonight or whenever you do yours! You see when we bought our house we did not expect to have little man so soon thought it might be a few more years and plus didnt realize i would stay home full time. Well the hubby works about an hour away and the reason we decided to live where we do is because he did not want me to drive. Well not I am not working and we are trying to get moved to the town he works in. He has tried to find other jobs closer but he loves his job and his employees! Really hard to find great employees! Plus there is a chance he could move up one day sooooo please please pray that we sell our home SOON! We have found a house in the other town but we have to sell this one first. I am really starting to get discouraged but trying to stay positive! So please pray that we selll soon! I am really hoping it happens before the busy holiday season! Also this is a chance for the hubby to see me and the little one more. He is on the road 2 hours most days so wkend is really all we have! Thank you all and God Bless you!


  1. Moving is hard, especially with a kid. I have moved 3 times to different states since my husband I married 11 years ago. You are in my prayers. I know the housing market is depressing right now.

  2. Oh, I hope you guys are able to sell soon! Being apart so much is hard...I totally know how that goes. On a brighter note, love your cute outfit! The blue on blue looks great on you! I also love your cute outfit from the previous post...especially that amazing necklace. Super fab!

  3. thanks ladies! you are girls are a big help!