Sunday, October 9, 2011


black scarf~walmart
Petal Pusher~the pleated poppy
grey dress~old navy
red cardi~JJill
black tights~Target

Okay so I promise I have gotten dressed more than this one time. It just seems so hard to get a picture when you are trying to keep the little one from screaming! Little man is teething we are still trying to sell our house and this momma is just about to go crazy! But yesterday we did go to my husbands family's house they always have a big OU/Texas party in hopes that the Sooners win and we did! BOOMER SOONER! So this is what I wore. I have some t-shirts I could have worn but who wants to wear a t-shirt when that is what I do wear on most days. Like I said I am very afraid that this teething thing is gonna get the best of both Landry and I. So again ladies please keep me and my family in your prayers with the house selling soon! We have had a few interested just not enough that they want to buy. I am praying that we are there before the holidays. Also might keep us all in your prayers for the teething experience....WOW! This is brutal for all of us! I promise to try to get more outfits up soon!

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  1. this outfit looks nice AND comfortable! that 's a win in my book.