Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend Adventures!

Halloween Part 1:
 This was my little guys first Halloween and man did he Halloween-it! LOL! Anyways we seem to have family everywhere now days...well my parents live in the town about 25 min away my husbands mom lives in the town 10 min away and well my husband dad lives around 3 hrs away. We made 3 stops this Halloween. We did not however get to see Landon's dad and stepmom but they have a little girl who turned 10! today Happy Birthday Tomi Beth we love you! So they are super busy this time of year! Anyways our first stop was to see Landon's momma! She is a manager of Maurices (YAY for me) anyways they always stay open the Thursday before Halloween so we went to see her:

kitty and her hotdog!

Friday night the boys did a whole bunch of this:

I think they were just trying to get caught up because the rest of the wkend seems to be a blur to me anyways. I would have to have joined them but I seen that as a chance to get caught up on some organizing and maybe a little "ME" time. I must admit I am a "ME TIME" person and having a little around you dont get much of that now days. So I take advantage of every opportunity I can.

Anyways on to Saturday night. That night we went to my parents house and went to my dads hometown which is about an hour from where I live. They always have hay rides and the local fire department puts on a big hotdog roast. That is where I grew up most of my life until leaving me senior year. So I enjoyed getting to visit and see lots of old friends. Anyways we did some trick or trreating with my little brother he was Luigi! I did not get any pictures of him in his outfit =( but here are a few from our night

My mom and Landry at the firemans hotdog roast

My parents and their only grandchild! Yes he is going to be rotten!

They were both I think a little shocked when I took this one! My little brother and my baby boy!


 Tonight was Halloween #3 and we are all so tired! The boys are in bed and I am trying to calm down! Baby went right to sleep no bottle nothin he was tired! Tonight we went out with some good friends of ours. I actually used to work under her at the pharmacy I was at before I decided to stay home with my boy! Love love love this girl! She and her family have been friends with my husbands family for years! When me and the hubs got married they hired me at their pharmacy I worked there for 5 years until I had Landry. Another amazing thing is that she and I were pregnant at the EXACT same time. She was due May 3rd and I was May 8th. Ofcourse our little one decided to come 5 wks early which made our stay in the hospital a little longer. He was okay they just wanted to make sure so we stayed in the NICU for a wk very very mentally hard. I was not prepared. Anyways then she had her sweet baby girl on April 22 so our kiddos are exactly 2 weeks apart. CRAZY...I think. Anyways we still get together every chance we get like I said I love this girl with all my heart. There have been so many friends come into my life and leave in my life this girl has made an impact on me that will stay forever just like our friendship will stay forever! Love her and her sweet family. Here are a few pictures of her 2 kiddos T~Rex and Candycorn! And ofcourse Mr. Hotdog himself!
Hotdog or Candycorn anyone? LOVE these outfits!

T~Rex and his supper...LOL

T~rex and Hotdog decided they wanted to be buddies!

Well there you have it that was my wkend! OH wait other than going to Walmart on Sunday while Landon stayed home with Landry it is getting harder and harder to grocery shop with a very mobile little one. I was so worn out on Sunday when I got home I was ready for bed when I walked in! I did however and am very proud of this!...put together a weekly menu. I have never done that before I started Sunday night and so far it is working but it is only Monday...ugh! Big wkend plans though more on that later! Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! This girl is going to give herself a treat and get to bed before midnight!


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