Thursday, October 25, 2012

it has been a while

When I first started this blog it consisted mainly of my daily outfits this mom needed help getting out of her yoga pants! I will still post outfits I will be linking up more but I need to get more out of this little blog. I want you all to know more about me and my family and what we do!!
This summer was a blast busy but fun! My wonderful Mr yes the cutie in the photo with started traveling with his bird dog to jumping contests and she won most of them! Little man and I went to some but most we stayed home it was just to darn hot!
No that summer is finally over we are in full swing of the football season! GO COLTS! BOOMER SOONER!  The hubby has taen on a part time job officiating HS and JH football games then little league games on Saturday mornings he is a busy man! I have started working at a little boutique here in town just a few days a week I get to bring Landry with me so that rocks!
Okay now that I have hopefully caught you up to date on a few things here are a few pictures from the last few months.
yes this happened =) i had just got through cleaning it thank goodness!
I told him lets send Grammie a kiss!
Rumble the Bison from the OKC Thunder!
The last picture was taken last wkend when me and a girlfriend took our annual girls wkend and went to the Mistletoe Market in OKC. Have you ever been so fun! They started serving "mommy drinks" as I like to call them sooo alcohol and shopping bad for the ck book! Here is a picture of me and the bestie eating at our favorite place In The Raw delicious!
Tonight we are taking Landry trick or treating in the town where my mother in law lives they always do theirs the Thursday before Halloween. I will for sure get some cute pictures of my little monkey!


  1. Yay!!! Welcome back! What is it with boys and toilets. I am pretty sure I say "Crewe don't touch the potty" 1,542 times a day, but oh my if I turned around and he was in it!!!

    Did you see how that happened? So funny!

  2. Alexis no I did not see how the little turkey got himself in the thing! I was in my closet he was with me for a minute but ofcourse left and then it got quiet, a little too quiet. I went straight to the bathroom and that was how I found him, all smiles =)

  3. I am just waiting for the day that Charlie crawls in the toilet! hahh!!!

    What a fun idea...a girls weekend. I need to start one of those!

  4. love the blog. love the idea us mams in blogosfere.
    hope you ll flw us to. todays post, and mz baby in it

  5. HEY!!!!! Got all your comments! Tried to comment back but there is no email to return to! :( Glad you found my blog...and I FOUND YOURS!!!!! Following along!!!!!

  6. Hey Jenny thanks so much for stopping by my blog :) I was thinking of doing an FAQ blog post with some of the questions I’ve been asked recently, so keep posted and I’ll try and cover everything you were asking :) hope you have a great day!!