Monday, November 7, 2011

Birthday Wkend and other stuff

Tomorrow is officially my last birthday in my 20's yikes! The hubby and I took the babe to Landon's dad and stepmoms for the wkend first wkend away from the both of us, we all did great! Anyways the hubby and I took a little trip to the city. We both had a wonderful grownups/birthday wkend for me! We went out to a yummy tapas bar on Friday night for drinks and appetizers. Very yummy but not a place to go if you and the hubby are STARVING! We went and grabbed a slice of pizza afterwards. We went to the OU game...BOOMER SOONER....on Saturday then Saturday night went out to dinner to watch some other games.
I dont have many pictures from this wkend we did however get on picture Friday night before we went out.

Before we went to the Tapas Bar...please dont mind our goofy postures I think the camera was balancing on a pen.

I did get the hubby to do a few outfit pictures for me YAY!!!

Dress~Tucker for Target via:ebay
Scarf~WalMart ($4)

So there ya have it my birthday wkend! I had a great time with my WONDERFUL husband! He is truely been a God send to me!!! BUT I was happy to go pick up this little bundle of yuminess:

This was taken about 4 hours after his 6 month shots the Thursday before we left I think he was still a little upset!

As you can tell he got happier as the evening progressed

helping mommy make supper =)

Before I forget here is the outfit that I wore that day:

Coral shirt~Jcrew
Grey tank~Old Navy
Jeans~Jcrew outlet
tennis shoes~The Buckle

Hope everyone is having a wondeful Monday! We are recovering from a small earthquake here in OK and today our storm chasers are out tracking tornados! The hubby is on his way home....yes we are still living an hour away from his work! Please keep us in your prayers that we get moved before the first of the year!