Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Mornings!

  • Hanging out with this little man!
  • Enjoying folding my last load of laundry for the week because the washer and dryer will be taken away tomorrow to the new house.
  • waiting for the termite inspector (FYI~no termites seen just something they do when selling a house)
  • Watching some Kathy Lee and Hoda~love those ladies! Super funny! Great way to start the mornings!
  • Drinking some coffee with some yummy peppermint mocha creamer!
  • packing more of the house up into boxes!
Well now you what my Monday morning this week is consisting of what about yours? OH! I also am mailing out the rest of the Christmas cards! I was waiting on a few addresses from the hubbs! Here is a few pictures from our Family/Christmas photos fall 2011!

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!



  1. L-O-V-E these photos! So great. Great outfit on you too. I really like the flower pin combo on the cardigan sweater. I wish I could wear mustard yellow. Your little boy is so, so adorable. I am having a boy this go around. That will be new territory for me after 6 years of girl things (-:

  2. Thank you!! I got the flower pins from love them! Boys are fun!! I have two younger brothers boys are all I know! Definately different than little girls but great! When are you due?

  3. I gave you a blog award, see my post at

  4. Your family is so gorgeous!! I love the outfit you wore in your photo shoot too!