Monday, December 26, 2011

New house and Christmas...wk of pictures!

Helping my wonderful husband and his awesome daddy put up Christmas lights (=

Moving day Anut Tomi fed Landry lunch while we unloaded boxes and boxes!.....ugh! She is a big help love her!

Landon's grandparents (Nana and Awpa! 2 of the GREATEST people I have ever met! I love them so muxh! We just moved an hour away from them I have a feeling we will be seeing them often I WOULD LOVE IT!!!

Ofcourse Mommy and and her little L!

Family picture as always at Christmas! These 2 boys are my life!

On the right is Landon's stepmom WONDERFUL GAL! Then his little sister Tomi and Dad them I am so blessed.

Meeting Santa very curious! This is a tradition that that started over 40 years ago at this little town I have never missed a Christmas tree lighting!  Landry did great I cried and cried! My first year

Thunder Basketball has begun!!!!!

Again me and my precious boy!

Family photo on Landons dads side-c 6u

Hubby, baby boy and I headed out to the Christmas Eve Program
Jeans:Gap Outlet

Baby Baby Boy~Sweater:OshGosh Outlet
Jeans:ChildrensPlace Outlet
Shoes:hand me downs

Me~Cream Tunic boutique
Belt:BananRepublic Outlit

New toy!

Landon's Dads side of Family

I had a wonderful CHRISTmas still have 2 to go to yeah that is what happens when the hubby' s parents are split! Sorry for all the pictures it has beena  crazy picture taking week! For the mpst part we are moved into our new home. Some people think we are crazy for moving to a very small town but my dear husband has allowed me to give up pharmacy job so that I could stay home with our bundl eof joy. Landon is employed here in the twon we just moved to as the Director of Radiology....very stressfull at times!
Did everyone get what they wanted fron Santa? I hve to admit I did et one of the new Nestle coffee makers that make the gormet coffee drinks! YUM!!!

So any big plans for New Years this year? I think the hubs and I have actually got plans for the first time in a long time even with a baby! We have sitters he will be staying with Landons dad and stepmom! I am rorally excited! Well it isi bed time for this gal!

God bless ~Jenny


  1. Good looking family. Thanks for sharing the photos. Happy New Year!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas. I just had to comment on your tunic, it is beautiful!!! Love, love, love it!