Monday, January 2, 2012


Me and my wonderful friend Kayla!

This just like always we went to my husbands Dad's house for New Years/Christmas. We always wait until after the hustle and bustle so we can spend time with them and some good friend that live there. We are almost 3.5 hrs aways =( Makes me really sad I LOVE spending time with this girls and her family plus always love spending time with Landon's dad and stepmom they are some awesome people! I am truely blessed.
Anyways Landon and I went out New years with the couple that we always go see when we are up there Matt and Kayla! They have 3 girls that are absolutely beautiful! We all became even closer this year when my son and her last daughter were born 2 hrs apart on the same day! They love each other even if they dont know it yet! =) So here are a few pictures from our night! We went out to this awesome restaurant in the neighboring town then all went back to Matt and Kayla's house. Needless to say we all fell asleep woke up just in time celebrated then me and the hubs were home at 12:30a.m.

Me and the hubs!!!

My wonderful friend Kayla and her hubby Matt

Gettin a little crazy =)


Caught you guys!!!

Hope everyone had a safe and wonderful New Years! The babe ended up getting a little bit of a cough but nothing to serious! He is doing much better! Tomorrow is the start of our first 2012 wk! Cannot wait! OH! We also got everything signed,bought,and sold on both houses! So we have officially sold our other and bought our new one! YAY!!! Also has anyone tried the new Nestle Dolce Gusto Coffee maker? The hubby got me one for Christmas...LOVE IT!!!!!! Cant wait for morning I bought some new flavours this wkend!!


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