Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I am back for good!!!!

YAY! I am back thanks to my wonderful hubby! I get so frustrated with technical stuff after the first try I just give up! Anyways he got me all set up on my new phone and computer so hopefully I will be able to post more now!
So this past wkend the hubs and I went out of town with another couple we had so much fun!! I have a few pictures to share from the wkend and an outfit post! Just one but promise to get more up this wk! The little man is growing like crazy I am trying to get everything ready for his BIG #! party in 2 wks! I still cant believe he is already one! CRAZY!! Amazing how fast this year has gone!!
Like I said here are a few picts:

The "Bestie" and I


Yes we like to sit INSIDE the racecar track while watching our Dinosaur Train =)

Crazy hair man after the bath!! Love him!
Just relaxing on a rainy morning watching some Dinosaur Train...we love Dinosaur Train...ALL ABOARD!

Not much has happened since the last post other than the weather has decided to go from negative 10 to a balmy 80 high!!! Crazy! But super glad to be able to wear some maxi dresses and sandals! Speaking of new dresses me and the bestie went shopping got some extra cute dresses at Target! That place is my weakness! The hubby knows not to ask what my total was when I leave there =) Well I hope you all are happy I am back because I am!!


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  1. Welcome back! I have to tell you that cute outfit you're wearing is an exact replica of one of my fave outfit pins on pinterest ever! Adorable. So is your hair. And your son. :)