Tuesday, May 1, 2012

crazy month!

Well things have been in full spring swing mode here including allergies! Baby boy has seemed to have some kind of sickness for the past month all becuase of allergies....your welcome baby boy from moommy and daddy! He is finishing up his last bit of antibiotics which tear.him.up...on both ends! Poor guy!
We did celebrate a very special birthday this past month my baby boy turned one!! Crazy that a year ago we were not even ready and still thought we had 5 weeks left but little man decided to come early which caused us to stay a we in the NICU but he is healthy and all boy! This is one year ago! Crazy how time flys by!

These were all the wk of April 8th! I never left the hospital that week he was in NICU I  just couldnt bring myself to do it. My poor husband did have to go back home for one day to work he had already scheduled sveral MRI's and canceled quite a few so he went in at 4 a.m. but was back with us that following evening. Hardest night of my life! I knew Landon was my rock but when I fell to my knees crying in the elevator...yes there were others there...i realized just how much he ment to me! Being in the hospital with Landry for a wk i realized our condition was nothing compared to some of those babies that had already been there for over 120 days! There were some days i didnt see one visitor come to see those babies other than the nurses. I did find out later that some parents leave and never come back.....how? How can a parent do that leave their child? I say this but my biological dad left me and my brother and never came back BUT it was for the best! My mom married a wonderful man that raised us as his own we even took his last name. Okay totally veering off the subject. Here are a few picts from the crazy birthday party!

the cutest shirt that i had  thechocolatezebra make for me!
it says birthday boy on the front! they did an awesome job!

 This is me just noticing all the 200 balls his sitter got him with a pool to dump them....perfect idea! the only ballpit he will ever be in

 his first fire truck

 he totally demolished this cake!

 the ball pit!
we were all so tired! landry did not put on a happy face he was done!

Well I have tons more picts and more exciting things has happend but little one is down for a nap right and I am thinking i might have to try one for myself!


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  1. Wow, a year goes by quick. Nice party pics. That is a good idea with the balls in the pool. I will have to steal that idea when mine turns one next year. Love your new Target maxi. Very colorful!