Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

Happy Fathers Day the day after!!! I have been MIA past few days I got sick after my last post so I did not feel the need to post my "sick day" outfit, but I am all better for now. The girls night that I mentioned last wk was cut short because I got sick. How can I get sick when I am home all the time, My hubby DOES work at a hospital so I blamed it on him that he brought something home and that my immune system is not what it used to be working at the pharmacy.
Soooo I hope all you ladies hubby's had a wonderful Fathers Day! This picture is what Landry got his Daddy. You see Daddy is a BIG and do mean BIG Indianapolis Colts fan so mommy found the autographed jersey and got it framed for Daddy. Daddy also played golf ALL DAY on Saturday with his Daddy! I think he was happy! Daddy that is! This picture was taken at the end of the day when Landry was already in bed and I realized I had not gotten a picture of my boys so I had to get him out of bed for a few minutes he was not a happy camper.
I hope to be back on track tomorrow!!!

Hubby's shirt: The other Fathers Day gift/Banana Republic

Landry's pjs:shower gitft

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  1. Great gift! Mr. Manning is quit the legend here in Tennessee (-: