Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Visiting Baby Claire

Today was not a very productive day but atleast I got dressed. The wind here is torture! I do not want to leave the house at all! But me and the boys did finally get out to visit a friend of mine and her sweet familt. A little background about them while I was pregnant the pharmacist (my friend)  that I worked under was also pregnant. We were due 5 days apart ofcourse my little boy made his appearance 5 weeks early and Claire came exactly 2 wks later. These 2 are gonna have a love hate relationship. Claire's mom is one of my closest friends she was amazing to me while I was preggo! Anyways we went to get pictures of our 2 kiddos. We do this about one a month just to see each other and see our kids. She has gone back to work already part time for now. So I had to put something descent on to go visit my wonderful friends! I am not impressed by this outfit what so ever. Right now these jeans are the only ones that will go over my baby hips. Plus after I stepped outside I realized that I was wearing way to many layers! It is already stupid HOT here!Hope everyone has a great Hump Day tomorrow!

Tissue Cardi: J. Crew

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