Monday, June 6, 2011

Chambray Tunic

Bracelet:Maurices and there is a sentimental one around my wrist I wear everyday it was my first Mothers Day gift it is a name plate with my boys name on it (picture to follow soon)
leggings:New York and Company
Earrings:premier jewelry party

Today's outfit was based solely on comfort. I fell in love with this tunic online Target.Yes online I live 2.5 hrs away from the nearest Target. I am sure my mailman thinks I have stock in Target or something I receive atleast 1 to 2 packages a wk from Target. That place is my unwind place. I cant get enough. LOVE IT! So anyways I bought this tunic after seeing Erin wear hers with tights and new I had to have one like it. I also bought the white one.
Anyways Mondays are always the hardest for me to enjoy. The hubby goes back to work =( someone has to, right =). But it does mean it is getting closer to the wkend. Today was about running around! I had to go to the Post Office which is my least favorite place to go much less with an 9 wk old. So I dropped little Landry off with his Nana(Landons/hubbys grandmother coolest older lady EVER Nana owns her own business makes it much easier to leave him with her at her job than any of our parents which live out of town). I had just received Landry's newborn pictures in the mail on Saturday the CD was broken. He is already 2 months old and I have yet to send out baby announcements. Ofcourse we spent one wk in NICU when the little toot was born so things have been off to a rough start but this little snag just prolonged the process. I guess I can send them out with the invites to his first birthday =) So after the PO I remembered I was out of my favorite wine. Yes I do drink a glass at glass. I love this red wine a friend of mine from Florida introduced it to me. She lives on this little island that is absolutely paradise! I love going to visit her she has such a movie star life! Anyways so I went got my wine took it home to get it chilled then back to get little man. I was only gone for maybe 30 minutes and not to sound to selfish but it was nice. Really nice. I will be honest this mommy needs "her time". Even my husband knows that when I say I need time he will give it to me and not ask how "much" time.
The weather here is HOT very HOT. We go from winter to summer just like that no spring and usually no fall. I liked that the top was flowy enough that it did not cling to me (which helps with the baby hips I still have).Which brings me to another reason I am not a fan of Mondays I have mentioned I try to walk/run every morning. Well M-F because the wkends are to sleep in atleast until 7 a.m. I am still trying to get rid of the baby weight didnt gain much just enough that the jeans this winter will look yucky if I am still at this weight. Well I do not like to run or walk on the treadmill but because it is so HOT here I am afraid take little man out both of us will have heat strokes. So that means I do my exercising on a treadmill. Let me tell you one thing I am not one of those girls that workout because it is something they enjoy I hate it! But I know that it is a must if I want to keep eating and still wear the cute clothes. I did not run/walk this morning so it did make my day a little off. Oh well try again tomorrow. Well I had better go get Landry ready for a bath and bed hopefully tomorrow morning will be is closer to Saturday.

This is the yummy wine.

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  1. Hi There Jenny, how are you?

    I am Ada. Real Nice to meet you. I found you through Dressed Up Mom's Blog and I am glad I did because you are nother young lady and a beautiful new mom, who has great style.

    I can live in leggings all year long and this combo is easy-peasy and so cute. I need to add some Chambray to my wardrobe. Love your chambray tunic.

    Since I am also new to blogging and the blogosphere I can use new followers and readers so please stop by my page and click the follow button. Would love to share fashion tips, etc. with you.

    Take Care & Stay Stylish!!

    <3 Ada.