Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday...late for church

Although we were up with the sun I still seemed to be late this morning. In my defense I not only have to dress myself but my husband and son. Good thing they go with whatever I pick out! Church was great love our church family! Not much going on today my parents are coming over this evening to visit the boy. I have now accepted the fact that I am not maybe as important as I used to be in my parents lives....well maybe but not as cute. The husband and I are going on a strict diet this week. I have got to loose those thighs I gained during the pregnancy! Thank goodness for dresses! So we are gonna try grilled salmon with some veggies. I am an avid walker it just gets a little hard to get motivated in the morning after being up all night.
 First thing when I seen this photo was WHOA!! I need a major tan....spray tan that is. I will be completely honest I was the girl that would tan all year round I mean I had that straight from the Florida beach tan all year. I did not go a shade lighter in the winter. I was addicted! I started when I was around 15 and up until I was 25 I was in the bed or outside atleast 2 times a wk!! I started my job at a pharmacy and that is when I decided to give it up. One of the pharmacist I worked with she was just as bad as I was when she was my age. But after going to pharmacy school and seeing the pictures of skin cancer she stopped. She did have to show me pictures before I would actually listen and it did take me about a year but I can proudly say it will be 2 year this July since I have been in a tanning bed. I do still go to the lake and pool but now am wearing sunscreen. So again please excuse the stark white legs!!! I will try to get an appointment to get some color.

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